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Advisory ID# 13
MMG ADVISORY as of 26-MAR-2018

Premium Contribution Payments by Employers in the Private and Government Sectors to Accredited Collecting Agents

To All Employers and Accredited Collecting Agents;

Pursuant to Section 6.e and f of the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the National Health Insurance Act of 2013, PhilHealth is mandated to establish an efficient premium collection mechanism and to maintain an updated membership and contribution database. 

PhilHealth Circular No. 2016-0008 prescribed that all PhilHealth Accredited Collecting Agents (ACAs) shall require all employers to present their Statement of Premium Account (SPA) before accepting premium contribution payments. Thus, ACAs must strictly observe the following: 

a. Only premium payments supported by a SPA shall be accepted; 

b. Ensure that the amount to be paid is equal to the total amount due in the SPA presented; 

c. One PhilHealth Agents Receipt (PAR) or other authorized payment receipt shall be issued for every SPA paid; and 

d. The SPA Number (Prefix SPA and the 12-digit number) in lieu of the employer’s name should be indicated in the Abstract of Daily Collection Report submitted to PhilHealth. 

Non-compliance by the ACAs shall result to non-posting of payments including reports of both the employer and the ACA, subject to corresponding applicable penalties. 

Further inquiries pertaining to this advisory may be referred to our 24/7 Corporate Action Center Hotline (02) 441-7442 or through email: actioncenter@philhealth.gov.ph.

Reference URL: https://www.philhealth.gov.ph/advisories/2018/adv2018-0022.pdf

Advisory ID# 12
MMG ADVISORY as of 16-MAR-2018


For all PEERs, please be reminded of the following:

1. Before generating the SPA, update the monthly basic salary and status of employees such as newly-hired, no earnings and separated for the applicable month. Generate the PEPRL and review.
2. Upon finalization of the SPA, prepare payment which should equal the TOTAL AMOUNT DUE. No splitting of payments -- separate payments for premium and penalty IS NOT ALLOWED. Payments which do not equal the total amount due in the SPA will result to a "for reconciliation" status. 
3. The SPA should be presented to the ACA upon payment. There should only be one official receipt issued per SPA. 
4. Paid SPAs should not be deleted. Payment details should be posted immediately.
5. Always be diligent in updating and posting your reports. All submissions are considered final.

For more convenient payment options, you may enroll in the online EPRS facilities of selected ACAs. Please contact your respective PAIMS for additional details.

Thank you!

Advisory ID# 11
MMG ADVISORY as of 01-MAR-2018

Clarificatory Guidelines on the Computation of Premium for the Members Under the Formal Economy

To all Employers and PEERs:

For purpose of further clarifying how premiums are computed for members under the formal economy, the monthly basic salary is hereby defined based on the following guidelines. Please be guided by the sample in the link provided.

For any queries, you may contact the assigned PAIMS to your account.

Thank you!

Reference URL: https://www.philhealth.gov.ph/circulars/2018/circ2018-0001.pdf

Thursday, April 26, 2018

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