Advisory ID# 40
MMG ADVISORY as of 05/01/2021

Payment of Premium Contribution through the Online Payment Facility of the EPRS

In light of the present quarantine protocols, effective the applicable month of March 2021, all ACAs and LHIO Cashiers may now accept over-the-counter premium payments in cash or Manager's check as supported by a SPA from Micro Firms or those employers with 10 employees and below with Certificate of Exemption.

As per PhilHealth Circular No. 2020-0008, Kasambahays, Family Drivers and employers located in areas classified as GIDAs are exempted, thus, no need to secure or present a COE.

Further inquiries may be referred to the Corporate Action Center at (02) 8441-7442 or through any of the PhilHealth Regional and Local Health Insurance Offices.

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