Advisory ID# 10
MMG ADVISORY as of 02/20/2018

Mandatory Use of Electronic Premium Remittance System (EPRS)

Pursuant to PhilHealth Circular Nos. 025, s.2015 and 2016-0008 on the Mandatory Use of the Electronic Premium Remittance System (EPRS), all Employers are required to use the Statement of Premium Account (SPA) generated from the EPRS for the payment of premiums, and preparation and submission of remittance reports. 

Further, all are advised to observe the following:

a)	The amount of remittances should only be the exact Total Amount Due indicated in the SPA. Under or overpayments are not allowed.

b)	Splitting of payments, such as payment of premium contribution or interest only, is not allowed and shall not be accepted in any Accredited Collecting Agent (ACA).

c)	Employers or their PhilHealth Employer Engagement Representative (PEER) shall regularly update the master list and check the remittance list through the Preliminary Employees Premium Remittance List (PEPRL) before finalization and generation of the SPA.

d)	To avoid posting issues, the SPA shall not be deleted once paid. The Employer or PEER shall ensure the accuracy and completeness of the SPA prior to payment.

e)	Employers using the online payment facility in EPRS shall follow the three (3) easy steps as indicated in PhilHealth Circular No. 027-2015:
		i. Step 1: Updating of employees’ remittance status
		ii. Step 2: Generation of SPA; and
		iii. Step 3: Selection of desired ACA

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