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Advisory ID# 52
MMG ADVISORY as of 19-JUL-2023

EPRS Payment History

Advisory for All Employers:

To ensure compliance to reporting requirements, all PhilHealth Employer Engagement Representatives (PEERs) are advised to check their payment history if there are still unposted reports or transactions for reconciliation. 

To avoid the imposition of penalties and interests, please coordinate with your accounts officer or visit the nearest PhilHealth office to validate and reconcile records.

Advisory ID# 51
MMG ADVISORY as of 01-JAN-2023

SPA Important Reminder

Attention ALL PEERs,

With the obligation to keep true and accurate contribution records, it is recommended to maintain a file of printed copy or PDF of the paid Statement of Premium Accounts (SPA). This will serve as reference to monitor remittances and update missed contributions. The SPA has an “Important Reminder” portion which contains the following information:

1.	Unpaid months (No SPA generated) 
2.	No Premium Payment (with generated SPA) 
3.	Incurred interests

For your guidance and information.

Advisory ID# 49
MMG ADVISORY as of 05-OCT-2022

Guidelines on the Reporting of Employees' Monthly Basic Salary

As stated in PhilHealth Circular No. 2018-0001, all Employers are reminded to declare the ACTUAL MONTHLY BASIC SALARY of all their employees regardless if the amount exceeds the prescribed ceiling for the current year. (Item III. D.) As this is a mandatory disclosure, no exemptions will be granted.

Employers who failed to update the salaries for the paid periods in consideration of the computation of the 1% differential for 2022, please contact your assigned Accounts Officer.

Reference URL: https://www.philhealth.gov.ph/circulars/2018/circ2018-0001.pdf

Monday, 11 December 2023


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