Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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Electronic Premium Remittance System version 3.1 (EPRS v3.1)

The enhanced version of Electronic Premium Remittance System Version 3.1 (EPRS v3.1) is now available online. Employers who will prepare their remittance report will now be able to access the said version.

In addition to the user-friendly modules of the previous EPRS versions, the EPRS v.3.0 has included a System Settings Module where employer may set which sub-module will suit their reporting requirements. The following are the sub-modules under the System Settings:

  • File Uploading – this sub-module will allow employers to upload their softcopy RF-1 in .csv format to the EPRS. Employers are advised to coordinate with their PhilHealth Account Information Management Specialist (PhilHealth AIMS) or the nearest PhilHealth office for assistance on the parameters and description of the required values for the softcopy RF-1 in .csv file format.

Relative to the digitally signed Claim Form 1 (eCF-1), please be advised that this feature is disabled pending the issuance of the corresponding guidelines on the generation of the eCF-1.

Further, the new premium schedule for CY 2013 is already available in the EPRS 3.0. Hence, premium contributions for January 2013 onwards may now be prepared via EPRS 3.0.

Employers who have not yet adopted the EPRS as their mode of preparation and submission of the Remittance Report can now register and activate their accounts online. Just access the PhilHealth EPRS Online Access Registration (PEOAR) at services.

Thank you for your continued support to the National Health Insurance Program.